Sewology Lab

Fabrications’ Sewology Lab is available by appointment for your use during non-class open hours, Thursday evenings until 9, and possibly, occasionally, other times per prior arrangement.  There are cutting tables, ironing equipment, sewing machines, a reference library, and design wall available for your use.   There is room for 4 or 5 people to use machines here at once.  Sewers will have to share space with other people signed up.

Fees:  *$5/hour for regular sewing machines.

*$10/hour for serger, heavier-duty machine with larger harp, embellisher, etc.

*Broken needles, etc. must be replaced at cost.

*Additional $5.00/hour for “Fairy Godmother,” ie, someone to offer assistance and help you out of any jams.  This should not be confused with a private sewing lesson, in which you will be coached from start to finish, and which would require additional fees.  On the other hand (at the risk of sounding vague, but aiming for clarity) asking a small number of questions (on subsequent use of machine) when you are otherwise experienced and independent does not require a Fairy Godmother fee.

*First hour using any machine requires 5-15 minute intro/check-out as part of your first hour and Fairy Godmother fee.  So first hour (ever) on a given machine is $10.00.

Please fill out and sign our waiver for yourself or your child before your first class or use of Sewology Lab.  You can email a signed copy or bring it with you.