Our Story

Fabrications was born out of a mutual love of fabric and all things fiber as well as a passion for creating.  Co-Founders Nancy Gear and Julie Scheurich have created a unique and beautiful space not only to shop, learn and create, but also to connect with other like-minded fabric and fiber enthusiasts.  They also wanted to provide their community with a unique selection of high quality fabric and yarn that is not usually found elsewhere.

Nancy Gear

Nancy’s best Christmas gift from her mother when she was ten was a vintage treadle machine.  Her older sister, Sharon, was a huge influence, encouraging imagination and making things, and an interest in costume and sewing.  In 1979, Nancy and Sharon expressed their love of beautiful textiles and clothing by starting a vintage boutique in Tallahassee.  Soon after, Nancy started tailoring school at a local vocational school, but had to drop out early when childcare options didn’t prove workable.  Later, she achieved her bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, including 13 hours of Fabrics and Fibers, a costume design class, and printmaking.  Following art school, she pursued a degree in Library Science (libraries being her other favorite hang-out, besides fabric stores) and became a youth librarian in public libraries, where she enjoyed sharing literature with kids and families through puppetry, storytelling, and other visual media. Now, wanting to bring her love of making and textiles back to a central place in her life, she has decided to partner with Julie to realize their dreams of building a place where creativity with fabrics, yarn, and related media and techniques are celebrated and encouraged.


Julie Scheurich

Julie has been sewing most of her life.   Having caught the sewing bug at young age from her Grandma Ginny (who was an expert seamstress), Julie enjoyed sewing classes in elementary and high school as well.  Growing up, Julie was very artistic and could usually be found drawing on any scrap of paper lying around and enjoyed art in general.  After graduating high school with various visual arts classes under her belt, she attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale where she received her Associate’s Degree in Fashion Illustration.  After the Art Institute, Julie worked at a few different creative jobs including a high-end leather handbag design firm, an art studio doing acrylic paintings and a photography studio doing photo retouching and as a photo assistant.  After that, Julie’s career path took a completely different turn when she landed a job at a law firm and worked in that field for 18 years.  Although still working as a legal assistant, in her spare time Julie starting creating one of a kind cotton handbags and selling them in a downtown shop.  It was at this point in time that she started thinking about the idea of opening a fabric and yarn shop, in order to have a place where she could share her love of fabric and yarn with others and also make her own creations to sell.  Now she is partnering with Nancy Gear to realize that dream.